The inspiration behind Hampton Bay Pet Steps was started over 10 years ago for our late canine friend Maxwell. Max was a Boxer / Pit bull mix. We adopted Max from a rescue when he was just a pup. 

Our boy Max was abused by his original owner and apparently was kicked so hard his back leg broke in two. Max had a titanium pin inserted into the bones in his leg that was never to be taken out. Max did well his entire life with the pin in his leg, but always had trouble jumping up and down from his favorite resting spot.

Well, as time progressed and Max got older, eventually he was not able to make the leap up onto our bed. As any loving dog owner would do, I went to my local big box pet store to purchase a quality set of steps for our old friend.

To my surprise (not really) the steps I found were cheap, plastic, unsightly and certainly not suitable for my 70-pound companion. It didn't take me but 2 minutes to realize I was not going to find a quality flight of steps for a dog of Max's size. The next step was easy (no pun intended). I have been a carpenter and a woodworker my entire life. So I went home and built a flight of steps large enough and sturdy enough that my boy was comfortable climbing up and down.

One thing lead to another. Next thing I know, my mom wanted one then my sister asked for one for her pup, then her friend inquired and I built one for her. Soon it was a hobby that was fun, a little profitable and most important was helping our little furry friends.

Please help us keep Max's memory alive with Hampton Bay Pet Steps! $5 of every sale is donated to our local Stray Rescue of St. Louis to help our furry homeless, abused, and neglected friends.

Thank you for reading,                                
 Steve Steinhauer
Hampton Bay Pet Steps